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Google Allo Video Tutorial

Google Allo Video Tutorial

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New Technology! New Messaging App! You could see all that in Google Allo Messaging app. Allo is an integrated machine learning app, and it is said to be Artificial Intelligent Engine. It could be response automatically to the responder without the help of sender. This smart feature is quite unusual and exciting. Google Allo provides Smart Reply, Whisper Shout, Stickers, Google Assistant and Incognito Window in their messaging app. Nothing advanced you get in future because everything is in advance to you by now.

Google Allo Video Tutorial

Now I’ll describe you what this smart and intelligent app is capable of functioning in their services.

Smart Reply: Easy to response automatically to your opponent.

Whisper Shout: Enlarge your text by dragging up and down to express your feelings and emotions in your text size.

Stickers: Lager number of unique labels are available to have fun while messaging app.

Google Assistant: It gives you guide and advice to technically move forward.

Incognito Window: It never saves your browsing history and cache files.

Watch Google Allo video tutorial to learn more about their smart features and specification.

Google Allo’s Product

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